Whenever I find clothing that is perfect for travel, I can't help but get excited. There's something that's comforting about knowing exactly what I need to pack-I can just grab my go-to clothing items and pack with ease. So, I was thrilled when we were introduced to Anywhere Apparel, a clothing brand that is perfect for travel and also happens to be based in our hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Anywhere Apparel launched in 2016, first with a Kickstarter campaign in January and then with their retail website in August. The idea was born when the founders, Nick and Kelly, were heading out on a round the world trip-they were traveling to five vastly different destinations in 17 days. Like most travelers, they had trouble packing light and couldn't find the right clothing that was versatile for multiple destinations. So, their solution? Create a clothing brand to solve this problem!
Currently, the Anywhere Apparel clothing line consists of a men's jacket and t-shirt (in two colors) and a woman's jacket and t-shirt (also in two colors), a journal and a quarterly print publication. All of the items are made with travel in mind and they are designed for versatility, meaning you can wear the items in a variety of situations and not look out of place. Plus, every item has unique, convenient features incorporated into the design, such as strategically placed pockets or a reversible design. Anywhere Apparel focuses on quality and craftsmanship and all of their items are made ethically in small batches in Minneapolis, MN, and New York City, NY.

Their motto is "travel light, discover more", and it's a notion I can get behind 100%. Packing clothing that doesn't look like the typical "travel clothing" is essential to blending in, and having items that can be worn in multiple ways means you can pack light. Micah and I were each provided with two Anywhere Apparel t-shirts in order to try them out on our travels. So far, in the past couple of months, we have taken our shirts with us to the Galapagos Islands, Chicago, New Mexico and around our home state of Minnesota. They have quickly become staples in our wardrobe both at home and on the road—comfort, versatility, and style all being the reasons why. And, while the items aren’t necessarily budget t-shirts, we feel it’s important to invest in quality clothing that is made responsibly and ethically. We believe in supporting businesses with sustainable practices, and Anywhere Apparel definitely fits this bill.

The Terminus Base is the men’s tee and it comes in two shades: charcoal microstripe and light gray microstripe. It is cut from bamboo fabric which makes it odor-resistant and anti-microbial, which means you can wear it for multiple days without it starting to smell—one of our favorite features for clothing when we are trying to pack light! There is a sturdy, bonded chest pocket so you can actually use it without having your items fall out. The pocket is sized for your passport, so if you need a quick spot to stash it when your hands are full, you will have the perfect place. Another pocket is hidden at the back of the neck—it is lined with a wicking mesh to keep it breathable, and it’s another great spot to store and secure lightweight valuables, such as extra cash. With a classic crew cut neck, flat lock seams, and traditional cut sleeves, the t-shirts have a non-sporty look and have the ability to be both dressed up and dressed down. Micah loves the feel of the fabric as well as the fit. The fabric is soft and has a nice weight to it, and even though the shirt is fitted, it doesn’t feel clingy. Although he doesn’t use shirt pockets often, he likes the sturdy pocket option, as well as the look of the front pocket. I always wonder if a brand will hold up to its claims, especially when they say their shirts are odor-resistant, but we can attest to the fact that these shirts are true to their word. Micah told me that even though he wears the shirts all the time, he has never washed it because it smelled, but rather because he wore it for several days and decided it was probably time for a wash anyway. And thankfully, I would have never known either way!
In addition to the t-shirt, Anywhere Apparel has also created The Stowaway Jacket. It is designed with the functionality to convert the jacket into a satchel/bag while storing valuables in a hidden inside pocket. I always love items that convert and have multiple uses, especially when they look stylish, so I love the idea of this jacket. It also has multiple pockets that are positioned to reduce bulk, the fabric is both breathable and durable, and it is built for temperatures between 35º-65ºF.

The Reversible Transfer Top is the woman’s t-shirt and it also comes in two colors: Glacier Ice/Charcoal and Ocean Blue/Gray. The shirts are reversible and layered, so you can change your look by wearing the shirt in a variety of different ways. One side of the shirt is made from lightweight wicking performance fabric with a custom embossed ocean swirl pattern. The other side is made from soft bamboo fabric that is odor-resistant. You can wear the shirt on either side and by cuffing the sleeves to reveal a pop of color or tucking in one or both layers, you can have multiple different looks with the same shirt.
I absolutely love these t-shirts—the fabric has a nice, quality feel to it and they are extremely comfortable. I really like that you can change the look with a roll of the sleeve or a flip inside out. My favorite way to wear these shirts is with the bamboo side out and the sleeves cuffed once because it’s comfortable, easy and goes with practically everything I own. I do need to do some more experimentation with tucking in the different layers of the shirts for even more variety. I’m a creature of habit and always revert to my go-to look when I’m in a hurry in the morning, but I’m looking forward to mixing it up more on our next trip.
I really like how versatile the shirts are—I’ve worn mine on cooler evenings in the Galapagos Islands, exploring White Sands National Monument, hanging with aliens in Roswell, New Mexico, walking around “the middle of the world” on the equator in Ecuador, and out to dinner in Chicago, to name a few. And, if you can’t tell by looking at most of our photos on our website and social media, grays and blacks dominate my wardrobe, which means I’m obviously a fan of the color options. I love the simple understated colors and the pop of blue in the Ocean Blue/Gray shirt adds a fun burst of color to mix it up a bit.