Slovenia is a country full of outdoor adventures, historic cities, and adorable villages. At only 7,827 square miles in size (roughly the same size as Massachusetts), Slovenia is a small country. But just because its small, it doesn't mean that there is nothing to do. Slovenia is home to a diverse range of landscapes and the perfect place for a road trip. You can find craggy mountains in the Julian Alps, turquoise rivers and lakes, towering waterfalls, forests, rolling hills, farmland, vineyards, deep caves, and even a bit of coastline along the Adriatic Sea. There are so many adventures in Slovenia to pick from that we had a hard time narrowing down our options!
During our summer visit, we spent two weeks road tripping around Slovenia. Because we found cheap mistake airfare to Budapest, our trip started in Hungary. On our first day in Budapest, we met up with local friends who cooked us an amazing dinner. Then, it was time to head to Slovenia. We started our trip by spending the first few nights in Ljubljana. We then continued on through Bled, Kranjska Gora, Soca Valley, Piran, Zalec, Lasko, and Maribor before heading back home through Hungary.
Throughout our trip, we lined up a list of exciting adventures. We spent our time SUPing, hiking, paragliding, canyoning, driving on wild mountain roads, white water kayaking, sleeping at a farm and in an apiary cabin (also known as a house with a bee hive in the walls), drinking from beer fountains, learning about wine, touring the salt pans, relaxing at thermal spas, and exploring the coast. And the craziest thing of all? We didn't even make a dent in all the adventure activities available in Slovenia. We could have added so many more adventures to this list if only we had more time.

Our first stop on our two week road trip through Slovenia was Ljubljana. We absolutely loved Ljubljana with all of the history, delicious food, and art around every corner. The river that runs right through the heart of the city, called Ljubljanica, was just begging to be explored. Boat tours along the river are common, but we opted for a different type of adventure. We went for a SUP session with Bananaway and spent a beautiful morning out on the water. As we paddled down the river, we floated next to parks, past historic buildings, and under grandiose bridges. Our guide, Amanda, told us stories about Ljubljana and Slovenia, and we played some balance games on our paddle boards. The 2-hour tour gave us a different perspective of the city and was a blast from start to finish.

We had so much fun canyoning in Slovenia…aka rappelling, climbing, swimming, and cliff jumping our way through a canyon! When we were staying in Bled, we went on the Grmečica Canyon tour with LIFE Adventures. The canyon was located around 30 minutes from Bled, and we spent around two hours exploring the canyon. We were the first to arrive at the canyon that morning, and we had the place entirely to ourselves, as we were the only ones on our tour!
When we arrived, we suited up in dry suits to shield ourselves from the freezing water. Then it was time for a 30-minute hike up to the starting point. Once we started our first rappel into the canyon there was no turning back. The only way out was to continue on through, which included cliff jumps from 3-10 meters high (around 10-32 feet high). The adrenaline rush was definitely a great way to wake ourselves up that morning, and we loved every minute of our canyoning adventure.

Running off the edge of a mountain in the Julian Alps was a bit intimidating, but after the initial jump, we were mesmerized by the scenery surrounding us. We were planning on paragliding from the higher mountain, Mt. Vogel, but the weather wasn’t cooperating, so we had to start from the lower point on nearby Mt. Vogar instead. The elevation of our starting point on Mt. Vogar was 990 meters (3,248 feet) and it sat right on the edge of Lake Bohinj.
To reach our starting point, we had to drive up the mountain and then take a 20-minute hike along a trail that led us through the woods and past tiny, adorable cabins. Then, our guides got the gear set up as we waited for the wind to cooperate. Once we received the cue from our pilot, we were to run off the edge of the mountain and not stop until we were given the all clear. This led to some awkward “air-running” before a peaceful ride through the sky. We literally flew through the clouds as we explored the area from above. The views of Triglav National Park and Lake Bohinj were fantastic. I could have stayed up in the sky all day!