I've wanted to visit Singapore ever since elementary school when I heard that chewing gum was banned there. The more I learned about the city-state, the more intrigued I became. I'm so glad we finally had a chance to visit and explore all the wonderful adventures in Singapore. I always hear that Singapore is only worth a few days of your time since it is such a small country. Well, after spending a week in Singapore and not having enough time for all the items on our to-do list, we couldn't disagree more. That being said, if you only have time to visit for a few days, still do it. But, if you can give it more time, you definitely won't be bored!
Some of our favorite adventures in Singapore were visiting the Super Trees and Cloud Forest, eating all the food, exploring museums, wandering around beautiful neighborhoods, relaxing at the beach, hiking, and more. Here's a breakdown of 16 adventures in Singapore, plus several activities we want to do on a return visit. GARDENS BY THE BAY SUPER TREES AND OCBC SKYWALK
The Super Tree Grove at Gardens by the Bay might just be the most iconic sight in Singapore. With good reason, too, as the site is absolutely fascinating! The 18 tree-like structures are actually vertical gardens that stand between 25 to 50 meters (82-160 feet) high.
Wandering around the base of the trees is a wonderful experience by itself, but you can also get views of the area from above, too. The newly opened Super Tree Observation Deck gives you sprawling views from the top of the tallest Super Tree. And, the OCBC Skyway is a 22-meter-high walkway that connects two of the Super Trees. While you can check out both in the same visit, we decided to only visit the OCBC Skyway and save the observation deck for a later visit.

The Bohemian Rhapsody show at the Super Tree Grove is a sight you have to see to believe. As the sun starts to set, the trees begin to glow with lights. Grab a seat on the grass with a view of the trees and get ready for a mesmerizing experience. The show starts with a bang as the lights on the giant trees dance and flash along with the music. It’s a scene that makes you wonder if you have been transported to another world, and it is definitely worth your time. There really is nothing quite like it.

Most people tell you to eat everything in Singapore, and they aren’t wrong! Singapore is known the world over for its food and hawker centers. Hawker centers offer high quality food for a small price. Several of the stalls are on the Michelin’s Bib Gourmand list and some have even been awarded Michelin Stars! Plus, the open-air centers are just so fun to visit—eating at a hawker center is definitely an adventure in and of itself. While we loved exploring the hawker centers on our own, taking a food tour of one is definitely on our list for a future trip to Singapore.
While we didn’t get too adventurous with crazy dishes, we did manage to eat some pretty fantastic meals and snacks throughout the trip. Some of our favorite must try dishes are the chicken rice (Ah Tai was our favorite!), kaya toast, dim sum from everywhere but especially our Taiwan favorite Din Tai Fung, ramen from A Noodle Story, curry and more at an Indian Restaurant called Mustard, satay from Satay Street and ice cream sandwiches with actual bread from an Ice Cream Uncle’s stand.

Haw Par Villa is a park in Singapore and is home to over 1,000 statues and dioramas that tell stories of Chinese mythology, folklore, and legends. The park was once called Tiger Balm Gardens and it has been revamped several times over the years. As it currently stands, Haw Par Villa is free to visit and wander, but you can take a tour of the park for a small fee. We missed the tour on the day of our visit, so we just walked around the grounds and wondered what in the world we were seeing. Some of the more interesting sculptures we spotted were the crab with the head of a lady, humans with the heads of chickens, giant monkeys, a turtle riding on the back of an ostrich, and the disturbing depictions of the 10 Courts of Hell. Our visit to Haw Par Villa was a relaxing way to spend the morning, and it’s definitely not something you can see anywhere else!